My Journey With EMDR Trauma Therapy: Jesse Zook Mann

I am often asked about EMDR and how it helped me, so when my Twitter mutual Monica asked me about it, I decided to turn her questions into a podcast! If you have ever wondered what EMDR is and what it’s like from a patient’s perspective, this is the show for you!

Getting Out Alive: Overcoming PTSD w/ Nikki Lynette

Nikki Lynette is an indie artist whose creative style is equal parts hip hop, alternative, and pop. She fuses mental health activism into her performances and has created a lane for her music that is uniquely her own. She wrote a play about depression and became the first black female playwright to have the development … Read more

Aubrey Good: Managing Mental Health Online

Aubrey Good is the project coordinator and social media curator of the International Bipolar Foundation. Aubrey curates some of our favorite feeds about mental health, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety so we decided to have a chat about how to stay engaged and healthy online. We talked about our personal journeys with holistic therapy and … Read more

Shauntay Burris: Therapy Cats

Shauntay Burris is a breeder of therapy cats for people with PTSD and mood disorders. She specifically breeds sphynx cats because they have an extremely gentle temperament. She started breeding sphynx cats after her therapist prescribed her a therapy animal for herself, and she began doing therapy work in hospitals, bringing the cats to patients. … Read more

Help Launch Mental Health Media: Donate Now

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Healing Depression with Integrative Medicine: Dr. Kim Celmer

Dr. Kim Celmer is a naturopathic doctor who practices in Seattle Washington. We talk about why a patient struggling with depression might want to consider seeing a naturopathic doctor, and the basics of how to eat as much healthy food as possible, even when you aren’t feeling well. We examine the many things that can cause depressive symptoms that can sometimes go overlooked by a psychiatrist.

Surviving Suicide: Mariangela Abeo

Mariangela Abeo is a photographer and storyteller who is the creator of the project Faces of Fortitude. Faces of Fortitude tells the stories of people touched by suicide by patients with a failed attempt or a family member or friend who lost a loved one. She captures the stories by taking portraits while listening to them tell their story. The results are displayed on her social media and in gallery showings in Seattle where she lives and works.

Chaya Grossberg: Med Withdrawl

Chaya Grossberg is the author of Freedom From Psychiatric Drugs and is a health consultant for people withdrawing from psychiatric medications. Unfortunately many doctors do not understand how to get patients off psychiatric medication after they begin their prescription. Chaya supports her clients with ideas about holistic self care and support services to help them … Read more