Programming Announcements for the COVID Crisis


In Crisis, Our Recovery Comes First:
A Statement of Support from MENTAL

For so many patients who are also advocates in the mental health world, the Covid-19 crisis is an especially trying time. On top of dealing with the unknown and the financial insecurity that the rest of the country faces, we are dealing with the acute effects that isolation can trigger, symptoms of old wounds, and cause additional harm.

As a protective measure for ourselves and partners we will be pausing regular MENTAL RADIO and our live streams after this coming Friday and will be hosting a free weekly group starting this Monday at 8 PM EST/ 5PM PST March 30th for anyone with a mental health diagnosis who wants to share and learn about different self care tips and strategies.

Our first guest speaker will be therapist with lived experience Rwenshaun and will be co-hosted by Aubrey Good:

To sign in on zoom visit:
Password: contact us and send a message for the password

MENTAL: Group aims to provide a space to share and be supported as best as we can during these times.

MENTAL events this week include:

Monday 5PM PST 8PM EST (World Bipolar Day)
MENTAL: Group with Rwenshaun Miller Self Care Skillshare
To sign in on zoom visit:
Password: contact us and send a message for the password

Mental health change agent and author, Rwenshaun Miller, is a therapist, speaker, and award-winning social entrepreneur. As a licensed professional counselor, Rwenshaun services individuals spanning all ages, with a goal of helping each person understand and take accountability for their mental wellness.

Wednesday 5PM PST 8PM EST
Dr. Emily Anhalt: Feeling feelings in times of crisis an AMA

Dr. Emily Anhalt is a speaker, workshop facilitator, & Emotional Fitness consultant pioneering a new approach to help high-growth technology companies invest in their employees. By building a bridge between psychology and business, she helps companies increase productivity, boost employee morale, improve team dynamics, and foster successful work-life harmony.

Friday April 3rd at 2PM PST 5PM EST
Intro to meditation with Dr. Broderick

Dr. Broderick Sawyer or “Dr. B” is a clinical psychologist, meditation teacher, and mental health advocate. In his professional role he treats trauma, anxiety, and depression. While using treatments backed by clinical research to treat his patients, he also integrates a variety of holistic health practices such as teaching meditation, encouraging healthy eating and routine exercise, as well as helping patients integrate their spiritual practices with treatment when relevant.

If you would like to connect and share what is happening for you my DM’s are always open at

If it would be supportive for you I am thinking of starting a discord channel/chat room for mental health patients to have an informal hangout space. If this is something that you would like to be a part of please let me know.

To listen to our library of podcasts search “MENTAL RADIO” wherever you get pod; at the risk of contributing to more information overload you can also find some of the resources I am using to get through the crisis here:

Dr. Emily Anhalt’s Coa is offering free classes throughout the crisis on how to manage anxiety depression and connection.

Rwenshaun has an event April 3rd you don’t want to miss called CENTERED: Mentally Finding Your Way In A “New Normal.”

Jillian Richardson’s Joy List events page from everything from mediation and dance class to hangouts where you get to meet actual people and not just watch!

If you would like to support people with mental illness and have some time consider contributing to the Crisis Line with your time by becoming a crisis counselor:

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