Fitness And Nutrition For Depression/ MDMA Therapy With Tall Paul Marlow

Tall Paul “Mr. Vancouver” Marlow is a personal trainer, model and former draft pick of the Toronto Bluejays. He writes candidly about his experiences with depression and PTSD at his blog, and shares guidance for patients on fitness, nutrition and self care from a mental health perspective. He recently posted on his experience with MDMA therapy

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Aubrey Good: Managing Mental Health Online

Aubrey Good is the project coordinator and social media curator of the International Bipolar Foundation. Aubrey curates some of our favorite feeds about mental health, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety so we decided to have a chat about how to

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Healing Depression with Integrative Medicine: Dr. Kim Celmer

Dr. Kim Celmer is a naturopathic doctor who practices in Seattle Washington. We talk about why a patient struggling with depression might want to consider seeing a naturopathic doctor, and the basics of how to eat as much healthy food as possible, even when you aren’t feeling well. We examine the many things that can cause depressive symptoms that can sometimes go overlooked by a psychiatrist.

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