Volunteer or Intern with MHM

Volunteer with Mental Health Media!

Want to help spread the word about mental health education? Want to help patients learn about different treatment options and self-care strategies? We need you! Mental Health Media is a community-based 501c3 project that needs your help. We’re currently looking for volunteers for the following roles:

1) Social Media Manager: Write episode descriptions. Create video previews for Mental Radio. Find excerpts of interviews for social media and proofread transcripts.


2) Show Booker: Help find and book guests. Write questions and research stories.

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Be a Mental Health Media Intern!

We’re looking for a smart, organized person interested in media production to work on a scrappy non-profit media company run by an established Emmy-award winning documentary producer covering innovations in the treatment of mental illness. Applicants must have strong writing and editing skills. All other media production can be learned on the internship.


Job Responsibilities Include: Booking/Casting guests Writing episode descriptions and show notes Researching topics and guests for podcasts and documentary interviews Creating animated assets for social media.

Things you can learn/ What’s in it for you: • Insight into building a non-profit mental health media platform from the ground up • Social media strategy and insight for a brand with 2M organic impressions a month • How to build a live streaming show viewed by thousands of people • Analyzing web and podcast analytics • Get skills or sharpen them in Adobe CC/ After Affects/ Audition

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Disclaimer: No content provided by mentalhealthmedia.org is intended to be medical advice or medical care. Do not make any changes to your care plan, including taking medication as prescribed, based on any content on Mental Health Media or our associated platforms. Do not delay getting care because of anything you see or read on Mental Health Media. Talk to your licensed health professional if you have questions about treating any mental health condition.

Content warning: You will find candid discussions of mental illness, self harm, abuse, neglect and suicide on Mental Health Media. Discretion is advised.